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Student Theory Study Books/Kit:

  • My recommendation is the ‘Student Pilot Kit’ by Aviation Theory Centre
  • It includes the red basic Theory Book, blue Flying Lesson book (important to read relevant chapter, before lesson), purple Radio Procedures and also a pilot logbook is included.
  • We charge the RRP by the publisher (no charge for postage), and generally we have stock here
  • You are welcome to drop past anytime to purchase

CASA ARN (Aviation Reference Number)

  • An aviation reference number (ARN) is similar to an account or customer number. You will need an ARN if you hold, or intend to hold, any licence, permission or authorisation with CASA.
  • Make sure you can meet the identification requirements before you apply.
  • Apply online for an ARN


CASA Aviation Medical:

  • Before you go solo in an aircraft , we will need an aviation medical completed:
  • For RPL (Recreational Pilots Licence): only a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner Certificate (RAMPC) from local GP
  • For PPL (Private Pilots Licence): either a “Class 2” or “Class 2 Basic”
    • A “Class 2 Basic” is a new option from CASA where you don’t need to go to a specific aviation doctor, however there are restrictions about what you can do with your Private Licence (maximum 5 passengers, daylight only, no instrument flying (i.e. cannot fly in cloud), no aerobatics, etc –   generally most PPL pilots find the Class 2 basic suitable, and you can always “upgrade” your medical down the track 
  • Please refer to for how to get a Medical certificate. 
  • Refer to Designated Aviation Medical Examiners located in Australia (DAMEs) for your nearest Aviation Doctor (DAME)


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